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1986 Starting to study informatics (computer science) at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. 
Foundation of my company Alexander Adam, EDV Beratung (IT Consulting).
Freelance projects at RZplus GmbH EDV Beratung, Böblingen Germany.
Divison: PC-HOST Connections.
- pojects in BASIC and Pascal with DOS.
1988 Intermediate examination in computer science.
Still freelance at RZplus.
- projects in C with DOS and IBM OS/2.
1992  Student research project at Mercedes-Benz AG.
Freelance projects at Labor Daten Systeme, Ludwigsburg Germany.
- projects in C with UNIX ( SCO, UnixWare, HP-UX, AIX, etc.).
- introduction of Linux as a new UNIX system.
1994 Dissertation submitted for my diploma. Title "Object recognition with generic models and the blackboard principle."
Diploma in computer science.
Still freelance at Labor Daten Systeme.
- Migration of text based applications to X-Windows/Motif.
- Organize introduction of Novell NETWare und Windows 3.11 networks.
1995 Freelance project Format for Lupus GmbH, IT Services at IBM Germany Research & Development Lab, Böblingen.
- Optical character recognition (OCR) software solution for forms on IBM OS/2.
- Development in C, REXX and SQL.
1996-2012 Freelance projects with ABACUS GmbH, Alpirsbach and B&B Systemhaus, Stuttgart Germany.
- Freelance at IBM MERVA - personal computer and workstations (application for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication via S.W.I.F.T.).
- Development and migration of OS/2 software in C/C++ to IBM AIX and Windows NT.
- Development of the yearly S.W.I.F.T. Standards Release MT message changes for IBM MERVA Message Family Client.
- Development in IBM WebSphere Business Integration for Financial Networks (WBIFN).
2012 Design and Implementation of an Apple iOS App Sensor9 with Xcode
2012-2017 - Development of IBM WebSphere Message Broker Flows and Nodes in ESQL and Java.
- Freelance at IBM MERVA ESA - Mainframe (z/OS, CICS). Customer support and maintenance for test and development systems.
- Building IBM MERVA ESA software packages for installation with SMP/E.
- Update the test application for the yearly S.W.I.F.T. Standards Release MT message changes and creation of S.W.I.F.T. test messages.
- Setup and test connectivity and functionality of IBM MERVA ESA with IBM Financial Transaction Manager for SWIFT Services.
- Maintenance for WebSphere Application Server based application in (Java, JSF, JSP, JavaScript) for IBM WebSphere Business Integration for Financial Networks.
- Use of virtual machines (VMWare and VirtualBox) to create test- and backup environments.

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